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Chimney Sweeping 

This is a flue after cleaning.

An annual chimney cleaning ensures that your flue is unobstructed, and that the system is working as it should. During the cleaning process is when we can see what your system is actually doing. It allows you to know how to correct issues that come from using your system.

Fireplace/Stove Cleaning 

 This stove is deformed inside from heat.

Cleaning the inside of your stove is equally important as having your flue swept annually. The cleaning process allows us to see how your stove is reacting to use. Heat is destructive and makes things brittle. Good stoves are built to last, but they don't last forever.

Chimney Caps/Cowls/Pots

This is a new all copper flue mounted cap.

Leaving the top of your chimney exposed to the elements can quickly damage your chimney without you knowing. Protecting water from entering your system is a top priority to ensure costly damage doesn't occur.

Birds and animals love chimneys, caps and cowls help deter those problems as well.

Damper Systems 

This damper has a broken spring.

Every fireplace has a damper system, however not all systems are the same or are the best kind for your chimney. The correct damper system for chimney can help reduce heat loss and provide you savings on energy bills.

Flue Relining & Repair 

This flue tile is deteriorating.

Every chimney is custom in shape and size along with being built different throughout time. The same goes with its flue and materials that were used. In time all liners will fail.

Stainless Steel Liners

This is a new Stainless Liner installation.

Stainless Steel liners serve a few different purposes. They help an appliance or stove vent as it is engineered to while protecting masonry from the harmful chemicals that are a result of burning fuels, along with making a seamless flue so harmful gasses can't escape into the building.




This chimney is leaching water.

We've learned that waterproofing a chimney doesn't come from one solution, there are always multiple issues chimneys have working against them.  Waterproofing a chimney should never be unsightly or look like a fix and covering them in paint or visible sealant isn't the answer either.

Masonry Repair

This chimney was repaired improperly.

Unfortunately, many people have different concepts of how to repair a situation. We like to say we "build better than building codes." Which means we will only use the best materials available to build and repair your project.

Roofing Repair

This vent boot is cracked & deteriorated.

Roof boots are just like chimney flashing, they are what flash your vent pipes to the roof so water can't come in. Modern boots are made of silicone and have been made to last longer. These boots crack and deteriorate with time from UV damage, along with older products were not as good as todays.

Flashing Repair

This flashing is brittle from age & the wrong sealants.

Flashing a chimney to a roof properly is essential to ensuring that water won't come into the building. Even when flashed correctly some sealants can be needed to prevent wind driven rain from entering. 

Using the proper sealants will protect the life of the chimneys flashing. 

Firebox Repair

 This firebox has deteriorated from heat and the wrong brick.

A lot of fireplaces are built with materials that won't stand up to the elements they are subjected to. Heat will destroy masonry products over time. Using "better than code" materials extends the life a firebox because they are made to withstand that heat.

Creosote Treatments

 This flue thimble is clogged with creosote from wood stove use.

Creosote is inevitable in all wood burning systems. Managing it sooner is an easier solution than dealing with it later. Creosote building up like this comes from not cleaning and managing a system properly.

Stone Masonry

This wall was rebuilt after lifting a carriage house for a basement.

Hardscape & Interior Stone Masonry


This brick entryway was built for the lifted carriage house.

Brick Paving - Stone Patios 

 Cobblestone & Belgium Block Aprons

Chimney Demolition

This chimney was removed.

Complete Chimney &  Hardscape Removal

Concrete Flatwork Demolition

Chimney Facade Repair & Construction

This chimney facade was cleaned & parged.

Chimney facades can take on water without the proper chase cover. When facades hold water during freezing conditions the veneer tiles quickly crack and pop off

Thin Stone, Brick & Tile Installation

This was a new construction stone veneer installation.

We only work with natural stone and brick.

Firepits & Outdoor Kitchens

This was a patio, firepit and seating installation.

From Concept to Creation




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